bennetSets the mood

Bennet's unique sound is due to a combination of his two passions, music and electronics. By developing the T-Orchestra he is able to provide a complete live entertainment experience unmatched by most solo artists.

The T-Orchestra allows him to provide the sounds of several instruments at once, voice, guitar, synthesizer, drums, etc. These instruments are not pre-recorded. They are played live through the use of a foot pedal keyboard, along guitar and vocals. By playing these instruments live it provides a much more organic feeling than those artists who merely play along with pre-recorded music. The recordings provided here are all recorded live through the use of the T-Orchestra.

Bennet's music is a combination of soundscapes, jazz, and pop. It is meant to provide the relaxation of soundscapes along with the melodic feel of popular music.

Bennet has been performing in the Illinois area for many years as both a solo artist and in multiple groups.


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